7 Weeks and 7 Steps to IGNITE YOUR PURPOSE, Live Your PASSION and Love Your Life!
You know you're meant to do BIG THINGS, and you're just not doing them...YET!

You've bought the programs, read the books, attended the workshops and still... Your life, your relationships and business are more difficult than you'd care to admit. 

I GET IT, yet the answer is NOT more doing of the same S***! It's time for something RADICALLY different!

Right now you're being called forth to something new and greater with your life, to be a greater CREATOR, LEADER and PROVIDER in the world, for you, your family, your community and clients.

YET, what you're experiencing now is not your ideal! You're frustrated with your current level of success. Maybe things have taken a turn and it's unclear how to course correct. Maybe what WAS WORKING, isn't working anymore, things are hard and more difficult and you KNOW it doesn't have to be this way.

You're at a crossroads and it's time to draw a line in the sand! It can be both a scary and exciting time. You can either take 5 steps back, continue to struggle, suffer, stay in the confusion OR you can take powerful decisive action.

In these times, motivation for change is high, yet our ability to make empowered decisions is lowered! You may feel like you want to hibernate or isolate yourself from the chaos of moving forward. You feel anxiety, overwhelm and stress in your body and your emotions are all over the place. The Doubt and FEAR are REAL and they'e holding you back.

This can be a defining moment: This can be "The Moment it ALL Changed"  OR ...  Just a pattern you continue to repeat. 
"Deep powerful inner work meets grounded practical external RESULTS."
Your Time is NOW! Imagine if you could...
    • Manifest your desires with ease and CREATE the perfect plan for The Life you now only DREAM of.
    • Discover and Express your Divine, Authentic self and fully OWN your POWER! No longer feel disempowered or needing to hide who you REALLY are and what you're here to do in the world!
    • Learn to LOVE every aspect of your life, business, relationships and health, with everything working in harmony and ease.
    • Communicate powerfully with everyone, creating AMAZING relationships and healing any past or current relationship wounds. The IGNITING YOUR PURPOSE program has assisted clients through challenging relationships, allowing them to connect more easily, repair marriages or transition out of a dysfunctional relationship POWERFULLY.
    •  Overcome ALL of your obstacles in life with Joy and Grace, no longer a fight or struggle. 
    •  MASTER your mindset and daily life habits for a life of SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT!
    • Receive the  support, accountability, guidance, tools, and techniques to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE your Dream Life!
    • Plus SO MUCH MORE!
    For the past 8 years...
    the IGNITING YOUR PURPOSE Coaching Program has helped purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs & visionaries build their courage to start new careers, get paid what they're worth, unleash their unique genius and create a culture that shares their values and helps them GROW!

    Thanks to this program, my clients have been inspired to start businesses they LOVE, living their passion and genius,

    OR... Revive and reinvent their existing business to the level of success they always wanted and dreamed it to be: Finally running the business vs. the business "running them".
    What My Actual Clients Are Saying...

    "My decision to invest in Coaching with Dallas was well worth the investment. I have always known that I am meant to do bigger and better things with my life and career. But, I had no idea where to begin.

    With his entrepreneurial spirit, his experience and passion for life, I knew Dallas was the one to call for help. Having gone through the program, Dallas Cyr's coaching provided me with the necessary clarity I have been striving for. Whatever stage you are at in your life and/or career, Dallas's coaching will certainly amplify your success. "

    Michael Norton 

    "Dallas Cyr was my business coach and constant guide for over three months while I launched my business. I had the passion and the drive, but didn't know where to begin. With his help, I far exceeded my own expectations. The results were quick and evident within the first few weeks. Working with Dallas was worth every penny."

    Erin S.
    What You'll Get in The Program...
    The IGNITE YOUR PURPOSE  7-Week Group Coaching Program is designed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, visionaries and leaders face their biggest challenges by achieving breakthrough results in their life, business, and relationships.

    We'll have POWERFUL New Trainings LIVE Each Week, walking you through the exact, signature process that I've used over the past 8 years to transform MY life, massively grow my business and transform the lives of 75+ coaching clients. The step-by-step process combines deep inner work with  practical tools you need to achieve massive results in every area of your life! (value $5,000.00) 
    Get ready to IGNITE YOUR PASSION and to be in the LIVE HOT SEAT! Every week we'll do a live Q&A call and put a participant or two in the hot seat for live transformation! This program will be very interactive and hands-on with the opportunity to get your specific questions answered and receive personal coaching. (Value $1,000.00) 
    BONUS: TWO 1-on-1 Coaching Calls w/ Dallas
    This is unprecedented. Igniting Your Purpose has traditionally been a Group-Coaching program, with only clients only getting one personal coaching call during the program. Thanks to guidance from spirit, I am now INCREASING the value even more, giving you access to TWO deep-dive coaching calls with me personally! This is huge.  Dallas DOES NOT usually offer single session coaching. (Value $2,000.00) 
      LIVE RECORDINGS of All Coaching Sessions
    All of your Coaching Sessions will be Recorded via the Zoom app and archived for your personal use, including the guided meditations, exercises and Q&A. This program will be yours to keep and go back to whenever you want. Most students re-listen to the calls each week and discover so much more they didn't hear the first time! (Value $500.00)
    Gain access to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for sharing your successes and asking questions about the program or anything you're wanting guidance on. I have been leading masterminds for almost a decade and learned that a lot of the work takes place in between calls.

    It's important to have a safe space and community to share and get answers when you're learning this material and applying it for the first time. I'll also be sharing content, support and inspiration in the group during the program to ensure you reach your goals. (Value $500.00)
    "Making money is easy and abundance is your birthright."

    Dive into the metaphysics of money along with clear actions you can take immediately to start shifting your relationship to wealth and tap you directly into the SOURCE of your abundance. Breaking through the limits, stress or fear around money and opening up to CREATE & RECEIVE money with greater ease. 

    Along with being a financial planner for 7 years, as a master life guide, I've studied this area greatly and have a clear understanding of the disempowering experiences my clients can have with money, why that is and how to SHIFT it forever!  (value $297.00)
    TOTAL VALUE OVER $9,000.00!
    Great Things Don't Happen Alone!
    Join a TRIBE and community of people like YOU: awesome, unique, heart-centered people ready to do the work and create an abundant life of Purpose and Passion.

    We all know trying to figure it all out alone  is difficult and rarely works out: The IGNITING YOUR PURPOSE group program will surround yourself with the people who will be the greatest leverage and maximizer to your dreams.  Get the support, accountability, celebration, networking and connection you need and deserve!
    WARNING! If it's NOT FUN we're DONE!
    This is powerful, deep, healing and transformative work,

    YET... it gets to be LIGHT and FUN too.  Why are we doing this if not to ENJOY life more? We'll be making massive progress, doing the work and enjoying PLAY!

    Isn't that refreshing to hear?

    I want you to know...
    You Don't Have to do it Alone.
    •  Stop isolating yourself from others and trying "figure it all out" on your own!
    •  Stop making decisions from fear and scarcity and instead with clarity from your authentic power!
    •  Get off the rollercoaster of emotions: one minute excited about life and the next feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
    •  Remove the  mental and emotional blocks, for good. These BLOCKS will keep you STUCK, disconnected, struggling, unfulfilled and plateaued financially.
    • Stop repeating the same actions expecting different results (Einstein's definition of insanity)
    This isn't just "learning a new strategy" or "feel good content" like so many other programs,
    This program is not for the faint of heart or half-hearted.
    It is for those ready to transform and do whatever it takes to share their gifts with the world!

    Your life is too important to do anything with a half heart!

    Register to IGNITE YOUR PURPOSE before the final registration closes!
     “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. 

    A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” 

    ~ William Hutchison Murray
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    If you complete the program and you're not fully satisfied by the process, content, community and your results ... No questions asked, no risk, no hassles, no problems!
    • WEEK ONE - The Ultimate paradigm shift for FREEDOM and True POWER in your life.
    • This is a MATRIX level way living. YOU are the ONE!   
    • WEEK TWO - SEE the UNSEEN! 
    •  It's not what you see that's the problem, it's what you DON'T see that's the problem.  
    • WEEK THREE - Eliminating Self-Destructive Habits and Behaviors.
    •  This week, we'll let go of what is no longer serving you:  patterns of negative thoughts, emotions and physical behaviors, and the burden of guilt, shame, regret and anxiety that's been holding you back.
    • WEEK FOUR - Making peace with it ALL.
    • This module's focus builds the solid foundation with which we'll build your ideal life upon.
    • WEEK FIVE - Clarify and Prioritize your Passions while Creating the Life of your Dreams.
    •  With all the work you have done leading up to this point, you'll be ready to construct the life you never thought was possible!
    • WEEK SIX - Learning to Create, Manifest and Receive at the highest level possible.
    • Getting in FLOW STATE - It doesn't have to be difficult anymore. Letting go of the old force and control keeping you exhausted and stuck and let ease and grace be the norm!
    • Get ready for some secret bonuses, AND to open your life to the ABUNDANCE that is your birthright.
    At the end of Each Week's Call I will open the line to our Live Q & A and Hot Seats!
    AND take a select person for a live BREAKDOWN to BREAKTHROUGH coaching exercise!

      What More Clients Are Saying

      As I was thinking of ways to describe this course, many adjectives came to mind; endless tools, boundless in application, eye-opening, and humbling to name a few. Dallas throws his heart into the material and the people - he believes it and lives it. I went in not knowing what to expect and somehow came away with more than I expected. It’s only I that stands in my way, and Dallas helped me see that. Thanks Dallas for being so vulnerable and honest, for that’s what initiates change."

      Tyler Newman 

      Dallas was able to help me form a clear vision for business, as well as develop a viable pathway to getting there. Most importantly, Dallas helped me achieve deep levels of confidence in my path as an entrepreneur, my present ability to serve clients, and my power to realize that vision we co-created.
      Within a few months of working with Dallas, I achieved tangible financial return that far exceed my investment in coaching. The value of learning and breakthroughs achieved have and will continue to pay dividends toward my success and power to achieve ANY goal I focus on.
       For passionate entrepreneurs looking to establish massive confidence in themselves, their business, and take the next leap towards accomplishing their vision – I highly recommend working with Dallas.

      Matt H. 

      "When I chose Dallas as a coach I knew he was perfect for me without even knowing why. His true balance of feminine and masculine, power and guidance has been incredibly calming, loving, and confronting all at the same time. He continues to INVITE me to chose me life - the highest self life. He invites me to live the life of my dreams and desires without the fluffiness with it, he makes it realistic with steps that are very possible leading to true practical changes in all areas I can already see in my life." 

      Jen D. 
      About Dallas Michael Cyr
      Dallas Michael Cyr is a Master Life Guide, Conscious Business Mentor, Spoken Word Artist, and Inspirational, Transformational Speaker.

      Dallas is the founder of Ignite Purpose, a premiere transformational coaching and edutainment company. He created the signature coaching system Ignite Your Purpose to help purpose-driven individuals break through their biggest challenges and lead an extraordinary quality of life.

      Over the last 14 years, Dallas has built 3 successful businesses and in the last 8 years he has been guided 75+ clients to permanently eliminate their negative patterns, start or resurrect their business, heal struggling relationships and lead extraordinary lives! 
      — Dallas Michael Cyr
      100% Money Back Guarantee
      If you complete the program and you're not fully satisfied by the process, content, community and your results ... No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!
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